what a long strange trip it's been

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Eduardo Sarabia

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on the way to mont-blanc by kygp on Flickr.

"The problem is most people don’t know how to talk to plants. They ask the plants: ‘What good are you?’ And of course the plants, being perfectly themselves, are already good, so that is not a question they can answer. They don’t have to justify themselves to anyone or anything, so they won’t even answer that. But if you say ‘Excuse me, I need help. What use might you be to humans?’ then they will tell you. Some are good for food or beauty or firewood, others are medicines, and all sorts of things. You just have to remember the right question."

- Sachavaca, Peter Gorman’s guardian spirit, as written in Ayahuasca in my Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming (via cosmofilius)

(Source: growthemedicine, via cosmofilius)


Mount Hunter, Alaska by NaturalLight 


At first I thought the reason that I love your eyes
Was because of the way they remind me of sunlight dancing through the green treetops
But now that I think about it
Maybe the reason that my favourite view is sunlight-
from the woodlands-
filtering through the foliage
Is because it reminds me of your eyes

(via hyacinthswirl)


urban decline